We offer over 300 tested rubber compounds in a full hardness range.  Below are examples of some of the compounds we offer:

HT* Series- Hi-Tech roller compounds developed specifically for high speed printing rollers.  Advantages are low heat build-up, excellent dimensional stability and stable durometer. Hardness range from 20 to 65 Shore A durometer.

HYPALON- Provides good chemical resistance along with good mechanical properties and fair oil resistance.  Hardness range from 30 to 90 Shore A durometer.

NEOPRENE- A tough general purpose roll covering, has some oil resistance.  Excellent for mechanical rollers.  Hardness range from 10 to 90 Shore A durometer.

NITRILE- An oil resistand copolymer well suited for use in printing rollers and applications requiring oil resistance.  Hardness range from 20 to 95 Shore A durometer.

BN FOOD GRADE-The compounds are compliant to FDA guidlines in sec. 177.2600 titled rubber articles intended for repeated use.  Hardness range from 50 to 95 Shore A durometer white.

SILICONE- For high temperature applications, offering good release and excellent chemical resistance.  Can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Hardness range from 20 to 85 Shore A durometer.

XNBR- Has outstanding abrasion resistance and toughness. For use in tough mechanical applications. Hardness range from 45 to 90 Shore A durometer.

EPDM- Outstanding chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. For use in applications requiring chemical resistance to keytones and esters.  Can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees F. Hardness range from 25 to 95 Shore A durometer. 

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No Class I or Class II ODC's or Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC'S) are used in our products

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